PETra Cordle


Professional Background

  • International  background in general business management and business improvement programs
  • 15+ years of experience leading global teams
  • MBA from Nottingham Trent University in UK
  • After working for big corporations for years, I started RockConsulting to share my passion and experience by helping others


  • Loves: outdoors, discovering new places, photography, skiing, tennis, reading, clean and bright designs, arts
  • Attracts challenges 
  • Transparent and honest
  • Taurus

Petra has been an enormous enrichment for my team due to her personality, drive, diversity, professionalism, perseverance and her external experience. She has been the driving force behind the succesfull SAP Ariba implementation an the setup and implementation of the Master Data Management foundation. But most of all she has been an enrichment because she is  the person she is, energetic, warm, caring, open minded, team player and fun to work with.” 

Titus Looman, VP at DSM

” Petra worked on Master Data Strategy and its implementation. A difficult topic in every company, Petra believed MDM needed a structural solution and she drove the team to deliver exactly that. She navigated through the challenges, addressing the issues as they came, with clear guidance to the team. Her perserverance and energy brought the implementation and change management to the finishing line. I appreciated Petra’s directness in thought times, escalating issues when the involvement of the senior leaders was necessary and the drive and enthusiasm she put in everything she picked up delivering great result.”

Aloys Kregting, CIO at Akzo Nobel

”During the time Petra worked for me in European Supplier Development team and later in Indirect Purchasing, she consistently showed a singular drive to achieve excellence. She had the ability to analyze a problem (even under a great pressure) and identify practical and implementable solutions. She showed great personal leadership of her diverse team, being able to both prioritise their actions and support them appropriately. She was able to work proactively in developing sustainable improvements to systems and processes.”

Tim Hooper, Head of Procurement Stansted Airport