You have a mature product, your business is stable, maybe ready to grow, but your business management, organization and/or processes are not in place to support your strategic goals and ambitions...

Do you need your organization to adjust / align on new business ambitions and goals?

Do you need to design / upgrade your business management to be effective and efficient for the future?

Do you need to implement sustainable projects / changes in your company?

Focus is on:  Getting your “house” in order 

Examples of services:

  • Evaluate your business ambitions and needs and your current business management and its structure. 
    • Your ambition - is your business ambition clear, relevant and is everybody on board?
    • Your team - do you have an organization that supports your goals, and the right people in the right positions 
    • Your processes and tools - are they supporting or hampering your business; do you have too little, too much or in need of update?
  • Engage with your decision makers and facilitate the process of evaluating and updating your business objectives and ambitions. 
  • Identify and lead initiatives to support your objectives and ambitions, cascading them throughout your organization
  • Identify improvement actions (supported by business case) and lead the implementation projects to make you a stronger company from within
  • Develop a stakeholders and change management plan which assures the changes you will make will stick.

Areas of Expertise:

Stakeholders Management - Business Objectives Setting - Business Case Preparation and Approval - Program Management - Change Management - Process Management & Improvement - Procurement - Supplier Development - Supply Chain Management - Master Data - Services Organization

4Q Model - Simple Way to Identify Changes and make them STICK

 This model will guide you to look at the business aspects of your company, it will help you to identify what you need for your business to thrive, to be efficient, to spot stagnating areas of your business and systematically tackle them and making changes that stick.

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